Awesomely Over-designed Replica Watches

Some replica watches are tough, but they’re still some other watches so tough that they’re ensured to survive in even the worst circumstances. Replica watches that can take on the most dangerous of adventures, that push far beyond the limits of the human body’s capabilities, and yet come out the other side completely intact. Here are several over-designed fake watches that were created for the extremes.
Rolex calls the Deepsea their most over-engineered diver’s watch. And they’ve got a point. Featuring the Ringlock system – made out of great-performance nitrogen-alloyed steel – the deeper you go, the better the case seals. The system also protects the case from deforming under the immense pressures of the deep. Modified versions of the fake Deepsea have reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench but even at its regular rating of 3900m, it’s made for places no human could possibly survive.
Although being strapped to the wrist of a tennis player may not seem like the most extreme environment, the RM 27-03 was made to resist the most intense of forces – 10,000Gs of force to be precise. The human body can bear serious injury and even death from as little as 2G to put that in perspective. We just weren’t built to take that kind of lasting acceleration. Did I mention that it also uses a quartz TPT case and features a manual wind tourbillon movement?
While magnetism may not be something us non-ferrous humans have to worry about, a cheap replica watch can mean the complete destruction of timekeeping abilities. That is why the fake Omega set out to build the world’s first fully non-magnetic watch.
In fact, there have been cheap watches modified and produced for space travel before. But the fake Seiko Spacewalk was the very first to be made and custom-built from any damage. Made and tested to withstand the rigors of space, the very first version was worn outside of Earth in 2008 by citizen astronaut Richard Garriott and tested in radioactive, no atmosphere, and wildly temperature-changing environments. Needless to say, it survived with its spacewalking Spring Drive seconds hand still working normally.