As everyone knows, it’s undoubtedly that Breitling is one of Switzerland’s most popular replica watch brands. However, on Sunday, April 14 it has announced that it will not attend the Baselworld show in 2020. In fact, it will hold its own sales and communication event next year, which called the Breitling Summit to replace of Baselworld show. Breitling CEO Georges Kern praised Baselworld’s new management and the show’s new direction in a statement, the new show will be held from April 30 to May 5, while the time of Baselworld is at the end of April, which cannot be reconciled with the scheduling.
Kern said, “Breitling had a successful Baselworld in 2019, what we would like to emphasize is that the extensive innovations developed and implemented by Baselworld’s management under Michel Loris-Melikoff in such a short time, which have had a positive impact and can lay the foundations for Baselworld in the future of new direction. ”
Obviously, Breitling will choose to show its timepieces at “Summits” instead of the usual shows. Additionally, he said, “The summit platform which has already been announced before, allows us to be flexible regarding where and when we inform our target groups about brand developments and product releases. We will continue to focus on this platform, the benefit is that it we are able to respond personally to customers, media representatives, sales partners, and collectors this way. “
They will decide if they will return to Baselworld from 2021 onwards at a later date, and this will depend on the timing of the event and the possibility of holding the Breitling Summit.
It was not unexpected that Kern’s decision to leave. He has been outspoken that he prefers summits and roadshows rather than once-a-year trade fairs since joining Breitling as CEO in 2017. Last autumn, he launched the first Breitling Summit in London, a day of presentations to dealers and press about company plans and products. Earlier this year, he introduced the Navitimer 8 collection on a nine-city roadshow with stops in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the U. S.
After last year’s show trade scuttlebutt had Breitling leaving Baselworld, many were surprised when Kern signed up for Baselworld 2019. Rumors said Breitling would not be back at this year’s show which closed on March 26.
Though it’s not shocking news, Breitling’s departure is a blow for Baselworld, which has lost 1,000 exhibitors over the past three years. Its new management team is revamping the show for the digital era and hopes to unveil the new format for keeping big-name brands like Breitling onboard in 2020.
“Surely, we are disappointed that Breitling dropped out,” Baselworld managing director Loris-Melikoff told HODINKEE in a phone interview from Switzerland shortly after the Breitling announced on Sunday.
This year Breitling held its summit during Baselworld. The two parties were striving to negotiate that incorporate the summit into the show period next year, but for Breitling, the date is too late.
Anyway, Loris-Melikoff hopes that Baselworld and Breitling can resolve the scheduling conflict for Baselworld 2021. Breitling Replica and Baselworld agree that emotional experiences are crucial to communicating in the digital age, Loris-Melikoff said, “What’s more, Breitling’s new concept is in many sides in accordance with our strategy of transforming Baselworld into an experience platform. Georges Kern is graceful that Baselworld is really changing. Now we have to keep in touch in order to make Breitling come back conveniently. I am sure we are going to find a solution. ” So, do you expect Breitling back to Baselworld in 2021?