The world is filled with changes and dramas, maybe you can discover it anywhere anytime. I spoke to Guy Bove in early 2017, who was the product director and designer at Chopard at that time. He’d finished the excellent designs of sister brand Ferdinand Berthoud recently, which had scooped up the main prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve a few months before. But even if he is a sincere replica watch enthusiast, Bove expressed that he was looking for another direction in life. Perhaps no one could guess what he would pursue, but all of these have gone out after a few months.
Georges Kern, a guy who had previously worked with Guy at IWC. Kern had just been appointed the new boss of Breitling and wanted Guy to join it. Breitling had been relaunched last year, which combined contemporary designs with inspiration from its own vintage catalog, we all thought they would keep going for a period. The most surprising I was told that, when I bumped into Guy at GPHG last year, he had become the product director at TAG Heuer replica since November 1, 2018.
When I saw Guy again a few months later, he started his long and busy days when he opened up a laptop or sketchbook at seven in the morning on the train from Geneva and would complete 12-13 hours later. “My schedule here in La Chaux-de-Fonds is totally blocked out, I am meeting people, moving things along,” said Guy, and he emphasized that the big focus was on the Autavia collection at present, which would be released at Baselworld on March 20, 2019.
The Autavia, which literally comes from automobiles and the aviation field, originated with a 1933 dashboard double chronograph and timer that you would install in your own car or plane. Additionally, the 1911 dashboard chronograph called Time of Trip was its previous version. However, the Autavia had evolved into a wrist-worn chronograph in 1962, which has been the foundation inspiration of designing the new collection.
We are informed from Guy’s explanation that, they make cheap replica watches for people of action at TAG Heuer. They have clear pillars, and two of which are outdoors: Autavia and Aquaracer. Aquaracer is more of a technical tool watch, where I would imagine ice axes, breathing apparatuses, and so on. While Autavia is probably more inspired by its past and the Aviation part of its name. With the bidirectional ceramic bezel, titanium case back, chronometer certification, as well as 100-meter water resistance, it’s also rather an authentic TAG Heuer watch.